Let's redefine how we define ourselves

Why do we define ourselves by what we've done and what we're doing when we have absolutely no way of knowing what we're going to be?

As humans we always seem to be defining ourselves by what we do instead of who we are. Ive been thinking about this a lot. 

I think it's because it's easy to know what we do. Its easy to look at our day to day and say "oh I did this today. I went here. I saw that."  You can't see who you are. You can't quantify what's inside of you. Its not visible or touchable, or even really understandable. But it is tangible. If you really pay attention, it's there. 

Ive always defined myself as a performer. Specifically a dancer. But I've started to ask why. There are so many words I could use to define myself. I'm a singer, dancer, pianist, teacher, performer, artist, daughter, sister, girlfriend. And those are just the adjectives off of the top of my head in this moment. I'm also a coffee enthusiast, bath lover, fluent speaker of sarcasm, and a dad in denial (I think my jokes are funny. Other people? Not so much) 

My point is.

The way we describe ourselves is fickle. Always changing. The words we use to describe ourselves change depending on our mood, our environment, and the circumstances we're in.


who we are never changes. It never changes. It isn't fickle.  It's the only thing that you can count on 100% of the time.  Use yourself to define who you are. Because who you are is capable of so much more than you can describe.

I'm done with limiting myself based off of what I can see. 

So here's to being yourself, and letting that fuel your every move <3

Why do we define ourselves by what we’ve done and what we’re doing when we have absolutely no way of knowing what we’re going to be?
— Talia Udsen