Now accepting New Students

Talia has been playing piano for 10+ years

and received her RCM Grade 8 piano certification in 2015 along with her Advanced Theory and RCM Grade 8 Vocal Certification

Piano has played a huge role in shaping who Talia is as a person and as an artist.  It develops your brain in a unique way and teaches you skills that are applicable to all aspects of your life.

Talia is now accepting new students in Vancouver BC

Talia teaches students in their own homes as well as on location in her apartment.

With 5+ years of experience teaching people of all ages and a passion for everything performing arts, Talia is excited to share her passion with the next generation of upcoming artists. 

Rates for 2018 are as follows

30 minutes per week --> $100/month 

45 minutes per week --> $150/month

60 minutes per week --> $200/month 

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